In some parts of U.S., ultra-low unemployment rate is a problem

By Aimee Picchi

November 11, 2019

Bob Johnson said he had to make a difficult decision to close his Maine bakery’s second location this fall. It wasn’t due to a lack of customers or sales—but rather an inability to find staff.

“When we went through two to three iterations of trying to hire and banging our heads against the wall, I was like, ‘Let’s focus on the bakery’,” Johnson said, referring to his original location in South Portland’s Willard Square. “Everybody’s hiring, and people are jumping around town,” making it more difficult to find workers, he added.

Johnson said he raised wages at his bakery, Scratch Baking Co., paying $40,000 to $50,000 to team managers and as much as $15 an hour plus customer tips for front-of-the-house staff. But he still couldn’t find enough workers to keep his second location open.

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