The Trailer: The battle for the suburbs, California edition

By David Weigel at The Washington Post
December 17, 2019

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Mike Garcia had good news for the Republicans who’d huddled around the Wolf Creek Brewery’s heat lamps. The “blue wave,” which had washed over Southern California in 2018, was receding. The 2020 election would be “the equivalent to our Gettysburg,” halting and reversing the Democratic Party’s gains, starting with his race in the 25th Congressional District.

“I’m doing this because what I’m seeing happening at the national level is starting to look like California,” said Garcia, a former Navy combat pilot. “There’s no bigger fight right now than to make sure that our nation does not turn into what our state has turned into.”

As the House moves toward the first presidential impeachment in 21 years, Republicans are predicting a backlash that will wipe out Democrats in swing districts. Four of those districts are in Southern California, and the 25th will vote first. The resignation of Katie Hill, a Democrat who stepped down over allegations of sexual misconduct and a stream of “revenge porn,” created a March special election that Republicans see as winnable. 

It’s looking less like a referendum on impeachment than a free-for-all. Garcia is running, as is Republican Steve Knight, who lost to Hill in 2018. 

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