Gov. Newsom Still Won’t Suspend AB 5, Even as it Continues to Kill Independent Healthcare Jobs

By Katy Grimes at the California Globe

April 1, 2020

“If AB 5 is not immediately suspended then the consequences of the coronavirus collapse will be magnified,” former Congressman Doug Ose said in a letter to California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently. “Your action now to suspend AB5 will provide relief to over one million Californians.”

Since Assembly Bill 5 became law January 1, 2020, millions of freelance and independent contractors’ jobs have been killed. And at a time when California needs all hands on deck during the coronavirus crisis, AB 5 is preventing desperately needed health care and medical professionals who are independent contractors, from working.

Assembly Bill 5 by former labor leader Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), has significantly limited Californians’ ability to work as independent contractors and freelancers. AB 5 also randomly limits freelance writers and photographers to 35 submissions annually per media outlet, and has served to quash the independent contracting jobs of important health care and medical professionals’ during the coronavirus crisis in California.

Millions of Californians who are independent contractors, gig economy workers, and freelancers, have been calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to use his Emergency Powers to suspend Assembly Bill 5’s restrictions on independent contracting during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Election 2020: GOP’s Steve Knight endorses Mike Garcia in northern LA County race for Congress

By Ryan Carter at the Los Angeles Daily News

March 11, 2020

Former Congressman Steve Knight has endorsed fellow Republican Mike Garcia, effectively conceding the race for a second spot in the twin May 12 and Nov. 3 runoffs for the hotly contested Congressional District 25 seat — the post Katie Hill departed amid scandal.

“I want to thank everyone who worked on my campaign and all my friends who supported me,” Knight wrote in a Facebook post. “I believe Mike will work hard and be successful in May.”

May 12 is when Garcia, a former Navy fighter pilot, will face Democrat Christy Smith in a run-off election to complete Hill’s congressional term in the seat, which represents the northern part of L.A. County and parts of Ventura County, including Simi Valley.

Knight, who represented the district before Katie Hill flipped the seat blue in 2018, was running in third place behind Garcia in still-being-counted results from the March 3 special election to fill the term, which ends Jan. 3, 2021, according to the L.A. County Registrar’s unofficial results.

At last check, Smith, state assemblywoman for the overlapping 38th Assembly district, was running in the top spot at 35.43% of the vote, Garcia was in second at 23.42% and Knight was at 17.67%.

“As a veteran, law enforcement officer, and elected official Steve Knight and his family have served our community well for many years, and I’m honored to have his support,” Garcia said in a Wednesday statement.

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U.S. Congressman and Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw Endorses August Pfluger for Congress

by Joe Hyde at San Angelo Live

SAN ANGELO, TX — Today, U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Houston) announced his endorsement of Lt. Col. August Pfluger (R-San Angelo) in the Republican Primary for Texas’ 11th Congressional District. Crenshaw, who was elected to serve Texas’ 2nd Congressional District in 2018, announced his support for Pfluger in a video posted to social media.

“I want to let you know that I’m supporting August Pfluger for Congress,” said Crenshaw. “August has over 300 hours of combat operations against ISIS, 20 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot…he’s exactly what West Texas needs in the fight in Washington for conservative values. That’s why I’m supporting him, and I hope you do too.”

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Mike Garcia – Flying High

By Lee Barnathan at the Santa Clarita Gazette

February 6, 2020

Anne Dunsmore has been a political consultant and fundraiser for 42 years. She has worked thousands of campaign events for candidates aspiring to offices ranging from local posts to the highest one in the land.

She said she has never seen what is happening with Mike Garcia.

“Even I find it unusual,” she said.

Whereas other candidates typically get 25-50 people show to an event, 110 attended Garcia’s fundraiser Friday at Valencia Country Club as he seeks to win the 25th congressional district seat.
Whereas candidates in other races Dunsmore’s handling are struggling to raise money, those 110 people forked over $15,000, she said, with more expected. She said that’s because people committed to the $100 entry fee but then gave more.

Whereas many candidates are worn out and need a push when it’s a month away from the primary, it’s Garcia who’s doing the pushing, Dunsmore said.

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L.A. GOP Endorses Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia for Congress

Last Saturday the Los Angeles County Republican Party endorsed former Navy Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia for the upcoming 25th Congressional district elections, capturing more than two-thirds of the committee’s vote. In winning the endorsement, Garcia defeated former Republican Congressman and longtime Los Angeles politician Steve Knight.

The support of the Los Angeles County Republican Party adds to the tremendous momentum Mike Garcia is gaining across the district. With the endorsements of over 30 current and former elected officials including Governor Pete Wilson and Congressmen Elton Gallegly and Buck McKeon, as well as over 200 veterans and 200 volunteers, Garcia is well-positioned as the top candidate for the upcoming primary and special election in March. Furthermore, as the top Republican fundraiser in the race Garcia has received contributions from over 7,000 donors and will report raising nearly $900,000 since entering into the Congressional race.

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Mike Garcia | Why a Candidate Runs for Office: It Matters

By Mike Garcia with the Santa Clarita Valley Signal
January 12, 2020

I have been running for California’s 25th Congressional District seat for almost a year. The competitors I was running against over the summer have all dropped out of the race, including Katie Hill. Today, with less than seven weeks until the primary and special election on March 3, I now have 17 total competitors who have recently joined the race. 

As a patriot, I encourage all Americans to participate in government. In that regard, this influx of candidates in the wake of the Hill resignation is encouraging. However, I come back to the question every voter should ask, “Why is this person running?” Since day one I have emphasized the importance of understanding “why” someone decides to run. The “why” defines the candidate’s true intentions. It defines allegiances and explains motives. It gives us insight into how they will behave and who they will really represent if elected. 

My reason for running is simple. I don’t want my country to turn into what my state has become. California is an example of what a tax-and-spend government without strong leaders looks like: high taxes, poor management of tax dollars, and terrible results. When I see Hill and Christy Smith in office or running to represent us, I cannot simply sit on the sidelines. Frankly, I can’t afford it. None of us can.

I am running because I feel strongly that our nation is forgetting about our history and the importance of the Constitution, capitalism and competition (what I have dubbed “the three big C’s”). My allegiance is only to the United States and my motives are driven by a desire to see this great nation thrive for centuries to come. It was the same driving force behind my decision to join the Navy and fly F/A-18 Super Hornets in combat in the skies over Iraq. 

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Assembly Bill 5 is already destroying jobs and opportunities

By Kerry Jackson at the OC Register
December 31, 2019

With Assembly Bill 5, lawmakers not only came up with a solution for which there is no problem, they created hardships where there were none before.

The bill was peddled as means to establish fairness for California freelance and independent contractors. No longer will they be “exploited” by businesses. The law now forces companies to hire them as employees rather than allowing them to continue their existing labor relationships, which were arrived at freely and voluntarily by all parties.

In contrast to the image constructed by its supporters, AB5 is a job killer already robbing workers of their freedom. The Hoover Institution’s Lee Ohanian named it the worst California law of 2019. But a case could be made it’s the downright cruelest California law of the last 20 years.

The wreckage began to pile up even before the bill became law on Jan. 1.

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The Trailer: The battle for the suburbs, California edition

By David Weigel at The Washington Post
December 17, 2019

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Mike Garcia had good news for the Republicans who’d huddled around the Wolf Creek Brewery’s heat lamps. The “blue wave,” which had washed over Southern California in 2018, was receding. The 2020 election would be “the equivalent to our Gettysburg,” halting and reversing the Democratic Party’s gains, starting with his race in the 25th Congressional District.

“I’m doing this because what I’m seeing happening at the national level is starting to look like California,” said Garcia, a former Navy combat pilot. “There’s no bigger fight right now than to make sure that our nation does not turn into what our state has turned into.”

As the House moves toward the first presidential impeachment in 21 years, Republicans are predicting a backlash that will wipe out Democrats in swing districts. Four of those districts are in Southern California, and the 25th will vote first. The resignation of Katie Hill, a Democrat who stepped down over allegations of sexual misconduct and a stream of “revenge porn,” created a March special election that Republicans see as winnable. 

It’s looking less like a referendum on impeachment than a free-for-all. Garcia is running, as is Republican Steve Knight, who lost to Hill in 2018. 

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Jobs growth soars in November as payrolls surge by 266,000

By Jeff Cox
December 6, 2019

The jobs market turned in a stellar performance in November, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 266,000 and the unemployment rate falling to 3.5%, according to Labor Department numbers released Friday.

Those totals easily beat the Wall Street consensus. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for solid job growth of 187,000 and saw the unemployment rate holding steady from October’s 3.6%. The decline in November’s jobless rate came amid a corresponding 0.1 percentage point drop in the labor force participation rate, to 63.2%.

Stocks opened sharply higher in reaction to the better-than-expected report. Bond yields also surged.

“Bottom line, America is working,” Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.” “These are very strong numbers. These are happy numbers, these are sunny Friday numbers.”

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Elizabeth Warren’s tax proposals nearly amount to confiscation, Larry Summers says

By Kevin Stankiewicz

November 19, 2019

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers bashed presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s tax proposals on Tuesday, arguing they go too far and could ultimately hurt the American economy.

“I don’t think that taxation approaching confiscatory is remotely feasible and, if it was tried, would have catastrophic economic consequences,” the former economic advisor to Barack Obama said on “Closing Bell.”

Summers has cast doubt on Warren’s flagship wealth-tax proposal before, but his criticism Tuesday targeted her wide-ranging tax proposals.

“Essentially, what Sen. Warren’s plans would do, as I read them, is they go through every option that has been selected as the possible strategy for raising progressivity and tries to do them all at once,” Summers said.

By doing so, Summers said, “you’re collecting, essentially, about as much taxes as the total after-tax [adjusted gross income] of all the millionaires.”

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