Economic Opportunity

The United States is unique in world history because our Founders deliberately ordered our system of government to secure for us the “pursuit of happiness” and the “blessings of liberty.” Today, we would call those by an additional name: economic opportunity.

The right of a person to rise, to go as far as someone’s talent and hard work can take them is written into the founding promise of this country. For centuries, it has drawn millions to these shores from around the globe. The abundance of economic opportunity transformed an isolated, thinly populated wilderness country into the world leading economic power in the span of a single century.

Tragically, the policies of the Obama years jeopardize that heritage. Higher taxes and proliferating regulations are choking economic opportunity. The Obama Administration is deliberately trying to extinguish entire sectors of the economy – and the jobs and communities that go with them.

The Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC is dedicated to the proposition that if the federal government sets the table with lower taxes, fewer regulations and equal treatment for all, the free enterprise system will do the rest. That is what history teaches: capitalism has lifted literally billions of people out of poverty around the world. It’s when government bureaucrats begin thinking they can pick winners and loser and plan our economic future for us that economic opportunity shrinks, risk-taking ends and the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit dies.

Our mission is to support candidates and causes who have not forgotten that enduring truth, and who will fight to restrict the federal government to its constitutional role in fostering economic opportunity.