Government Accountability

The greater the distance between the people and their government, the less accountable the government is to the people. Such distance is measured not only in miles, but the sheer size and scope of the federal government. The bigger is it, the less responsive it is to the individual citizen. It’s common sense that your voice carries more weight at City Hall than in the halls of Congress or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Transparency and a renewed devotion to federalism are the pillars of federal accountability. Simple measures such as requiring bills to be published far in advance of a congressional vote; making federal budgets easily accessible via the Internet; requiring Congress to approve any federal regulation that significantly impacts the economy or our liberties; respecting the 10 Amendment by devolving federal powers back to the states and the people, where they belong.

Enact such policies and the government will become progressively more accountable to the citizens it is supposed to serve. When the Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC weighs in on behalf of a candidate, you can be certain her or she is a strong support of making government more accountable to the people.