Limited Government

A vigorous, effective government is necessary for our liberty, prosperity and security. Indeed, the Constitution of the United States was drafted and ratified in order to strengthen the power of the federal government.

But limited government is the bulwark of individual liberty. The Constitution imposes strict limits on the federal government. As keen students of history, the Founders knew government’s nature is to grow, and the tendency of those in government is to gather to themselves, often for noble reasons, more power over their fellow citizens. They understood human nature was unchanging, and therefore enumerated the powers of the federal government and dispersed them among three co-equal branches of government, each with the means to check the accumulation of too much power by the others.

Today, limited government in America is greater danger than ever – the results of decades of the liberal, progressive drive to replace limited, constitutional government with an unlimited, administrative state. The Founders would be stunned by the scope of modern federal power, and the degree to which law making has been devolved onto unelected bureaucrats intruding their regulatory reach further into our lives.

Turning the tide requires electing candidates who want to restore limited federal government – and in this there is no substitute for helping constitutional candidates defeat advocates of unlimited government – and this the core of Jobs, Opportunity and Freedom PAC’s mission.